Why Made In Singapore?

Article by: Dr Trisonic. Mar 2021.

I have been visiting workshops with the intention to find out and understand their needs so that we can provide relevant solutions to them.  There is always one question that was asked.  “Why is TriSonic made in Singapore?”  So, in this article, I will share some insights into why we chose Singapore as our strategic location to manufacture Trisonic® products.      

World-Class Hub

Singapore is known as one of the world’s leading petrochemical and logistic hubs. With regards to the engine oil and lubricants industry, you can also find the regional headquarters and manufacturing plants of key global lubricant technology providers which include Infineum, Lubrizol, Chevron Oronite and Afton Chemical.  In fact, most people do not know that these companies supply their additives and chemicals  to almost every lubricant brand in the world. 

Because we have good relationships with these big 4 technology companies, it gives us an advantage to understand in detail the latest additive technologies and industry trends, which is key to our new product development.  The full support from these companies that TriSonic has is the assurance to Trisonic customers, who will enjoy only the highest quality experience when using Trisonic products.

Well-Trained and Global Experienced Talents

Singapore’s reputation as a global city to do business attracts the world’s best talents to work here.  With this advantage, we have gathered a team of talented people in Singapore who understand the real market needs, and possess the expertise to formulate quality lubricants. The main objective would be to develop the highest quality standards for all Trisonic® products to serve and meet the current and future needs of vehicles around the world.

World-class manufacturing capabilities

Singapore is the leading location with the best-in-class manufacturing plants, where the highest standard of quality control and integrity are practiced and implemented.  Singapore is perceived as a well-functioning, modern and honest modern city. This positive perception of the Singapore brand is in line with Trisonic’s policy in upholding product integrity, from oil formulations development to manufacturing to quality control.

Strong connectivity

Singapore offers world-class connectivity to the region and world, and is well connected to 600 ports over 120 countries.  This allows TriSonic® products to be shipped to almost every corner in the world.

With all those factors above in mind, Singapore is the clear choice and fit for TriSonic, a new global engine oil and lubricant brand. With our high production standards and rigorous quality control, you can place your trust in our promise to you that every product from Trisonic will be of the highest-quality possible.